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Honolua Bay Surf Break at | I Surfed There! | 2016


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V is for V Bottoms!

V is for V Bottoms!

18.03.2015 | Bird's Boards
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Introduction: As I write this I find myself wishing I had taken notes along the way. There are details that got lost in the mix, comments made by many...
How To Enjoy iSurfedThere!

How To Enjoy iSurfedThere!

10.11.2012 | welcome!
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How to Enjoy iSurfedThere Not quite sure how to navigate the site? This will get you up to speed in no time. 1. Get Registered To fully enjoy the site, you have...
The IST Mission Statement

The IST Mission Statement

06.08.2013 | welcome!
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The mission of is to create an association of like minded people who enjoy surfing and the surfing lifestyle. The purpose of the website is to become a place...
THE KIDDIE POOL? If you took a poll of long time San Diego surfers asking for their opinion of the most dangerous breaks in the county, your top ten would certainly...
Ocean Magazine did this great five page article on Joe in a recent issue. Here are all five pages in JPG, with the full higher resolution PDF posted below. Way...

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    • Honolua Bay is no place for pussies. Its hollow, fast tubes are a workout for anyone no matter what size, but when it's large enough to connect across Coconut Grove, through the bay and into the Cove, it becomes a world class high performance break - with plenty of local talent to prove it.

      Some 20th century facts about the Bay courtesy of the Encyclopedia of Surfing

      "Oahu surfers George Downing, Wally Froiseth, and Russ Takaki are often credited as the first to ride Honolua Bay in 1947, but the break was rarely surfed until the early '60s. The Performers, a 1965 surf movie, featured a Honolua sequence filled with glorious six-foot waves, which helped put the break on the map, and Oahu-based surfers were soon beginning to fly over by the dozens when the swell got big enough. Still, a full day of waves might find the lineup nearly empty by late afternoon. "The place just ate surfboards," Hawaiian surfer Barry Kanaiaupuni recalled describing Honolua's cliff-lined shore, which is notorious for destroying lost surfboards. "Fifteen, 20 boards a day sometimes." Maui resident Joseph "Buddy Boy" Kaohi was regarded as the mid-'60s master surfer of Honolua; Oahu surfers Jeff Hakman and Jock Sutherland, who both briefly attended college in Maui in 1967–68, were also standout Honolua riders, as were Les Potts, Gary Birch, and Neil Norris."

      The Bay is also well known for its treacherous urchin population, but that has not stopped it from being featured in a large number of well known surf films. It is also known as the birthing spot of the modern Hawaiian short board revolution after a visit by Bob McTavish and Nat Young in late '67 on their radical new v-bottom boards. 

    • Region
      Hawai'i - Maui
    • Created
      Friday, 20 November 2015
    • Type of break:
         point break
    • Bottom contour:
    • Wave direction:
    • Type of wave:
         fast hollow barrels
    • Experience level(s):
    • Accessibility:
         parking but crowded
    • Local crowd vibe:
    • Best season(s):
    • Best tide:
    • Best wind direction:
    • Best swell direction:
    • Hazards:
         heavy shorebreak
    • Crowd level:
         weekend warriors
    • Consistency:
    • Overall rating:
    • Break Admins